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The Intermediate Affordable Housing Completions present information on the amount of total completions of additional Intermediate Affordable Housing units provided by each Local Authority in England annually since 1991.


Technical description

The Intermediate Affordable Housing Completions is an estimate, calculated by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, of the total amount of affordable housing units that are added each year per Local Authority (LA). Intermediate affordable housing is the sum of intermediate rent (including London Living Rent), affordable home ownership and shared ownership. The information is presented either as starts-on-site or completions; for this indicator, only completions were considered. Completions here includes homes where the cost is met by a private developer. In some years, some figures could not be broken down below national level, so the sum of the local authority figures may not equal the total for England figure. Values are presented on the basis of financial years, i.e. from April 1st to March 31st. Intermediate Affordable Housing figures were calculated for both Lower Tier Local Authorities (HS_14_05L) and Upper Tier Local Authorities (HS_14_05U). Figures from historic LA geography have been referenced to the 2018 LA geography. This includes changes in name/codes, merges, or splits of old LAs to new LAs.

About this dataset

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Created 3 years ago, updated 2 years ago
  • Alexandros Alexiou
  • Benjamin Barr
Citation Alexiou A, Barr B (2019), Housing Indicators: Local Authority Affordable Housing Supply - Intermediate Affordable Housing Completions (HS_14_05) <VERSION NUMBER> [Open Dataset], Place-based Logitudinal Data Resource, DOI: 10.17638/
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