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This indicator describes the income generated from the provision of Court services by every Local Authority in England since 2007/2008. Court services income is calculated from any sales, fees and charges, as well as other types of income that are associated with delivering such services.


Technical description

The indicator was compiled from annual revenue outturn estimates of Local Authority (LA) revenue expenditure and financing. The Court services income is calculated from the sum of a) sales, fees and charges and b) other types of income generated by these services, and thus does not include central government funding, capital gains or council tax. Income values are expressed in thousands (£) and presented on the basis of financial years, i.e. from April 1st to March 31st. Since some services are provided in Upper Tier and others in Lower Tier LAs, individual income figures from Upper Tier LAs were distributed to Lower Tier LAs based on annual population ratios (indicator FIN_07_46L), and Lower Tier LA income was distributed to Upper Tier LAs by aggregating (indicator FIN_07_46U). Income values from historic LA geography have been referenced to the 2018 LA geography. This includes changes in name/codes, merges, or splits of old LAs to new LAs based on population ratios for that year. The services income generated is expressed as the total amount as well as per capita, for direct comparisons. However, annual figures were not adjusted for inflation.

About this dataset

Last Update
Created 3 years ago, updated a year ago
  • Alexandros Alexiou
  • Benjamin Barr
Citation Alexiou A, Barr B (2021), Local Authority Finance: Income – Court services (FIN_07_46) <VERSION NUMBER> [Open Dataset], Place-based Logitudinal Data Resource, DOI: 10.17638/
  • England
  • Local Authority
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