This indicator measures the percentage of patients with a diagnosis of asthma. Patients are of all ages, and numbers are given since 2005, across areas of England. 

Technical description 

The percentage of patients with a diagnosis of asthma, excluding patients with asthma who were prescribed no asthma-related drugs in the preceding 12 months. GP practices reporting >30% asthma prevalence are excluded from the calculation. QOF data by GP practice and year were provided by the data owners. These data were used to calculate weighted averages of the indicator by Lower Super Output Area (LSOA).

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2 years ago  
  • Tanith Rose
  • Konstantinos Daras
  • Benjamin Barr
Rose T, Daras K, Barr B (2021), Quality and Outcomes Framework Indicators: Asthma prevalence (QOF_4_03) <VERSION NUMBER> [Open Dataset], Place-based Logitudinal Data Resource, DOI: 10.17638/
  • LSOA
  • England
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