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Created 2 years ago, updated 7 months ago


This indicator measures the percentage of surveyed respondents who reported that they had no confidence or trust in the GP they last saw or spoke to from their surgery. Surveyed respondents were aged 18 years or older, and numbers are given since 2012, across areas of England. 

Technical description 

GP Patient Survey participants were asked to report on whether they had confidence and trust in the GP they last saw or spoke to from their surgery (Question 22 within the questionnaire). The original response options were: Yes, definitely; Yes, to some extent; No, not at all; Don’t know / can’t say. For each GP practice, the responses for option ‘no, not at all’ were divided by the total number of responses for Question 22. The response ‘don’t know / can’t say’ was classified as not applicable. Weighted GP Patient Survey data by GP practice were provided by the data owners. These data were used to calculate weighted averages of the indicator by Lower Super Output Area (LSOA).

About this dataset


UK Open Government Licence (OGL v3)

  • Tanith Rose
  • Konstantinos Daras
  • Benjamin Barr



Place-based Logitudinal Data Resource, 2019, GP Patient Survey Indicators: Confidence and trust in GP (GPPS_12_03), Accessed [<day> <month> <year>].

  • LSOA
  • England