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The dataset provides information about the number of decisions being made annually by every Lower Tier Local Authority in England regarding households being accepted as being Homeless. It includes figures about being a) Homeless and in Priority Need (PN), broken down by ethnic background, b) Eligible, homeless and in PN, but intentionally, c) Eligible, homeless but not in PN and d) Eligible, but not homeless. Figures are presented as the total amount as well as the ratio per 1000 households since 2004/2005.


Technical description

The Local Authority (LA) Homeless Statistics indicators were compiled based on data released by the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCL), and includes the number of Homeless Households broken down by type of priority need and ethnicity. Data are presented on the basis of financial years, i.e. from April 1st to March 31st. Some LAs did not report data for some individual years and these values are denoted as NAs. Source figures are reported by LAs quarterly and some values were imputed before published. Values regarding homeless households are expressed as amounts as well as ratios per 1000 households. The table includes the total number of households (in thousands), which are derived by interim projections. Figures from historic LA geography have been referenced to the 2018 LA geography. This includes changes in name/codes, merges, or splits of old LAs to new LAs. NAs were not taken into account into aggregations and as such the sum of sub-categories may not be equal to totals.

About this dataset

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Created 3 years ago, updated a year ago
  • Alexandros Alexiou
  • Benjamin Barr
Citation Alexiou A, Barr B (2021), Housing Indicators: Local Authority Homelessness Statistics – Number of households accepted as being Homeless (HS_15_01) <VERSION NUMBER> [Open Dataset], Place-based Logitudinal Data Resource, DOI: 10.17638/
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  • England
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